Introducing the CIEE Inclusive Excellence Taskforce

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By Keshia Abraham

The CIEE Inclusive Excellence Taskforce (IETF), which consists of representation from every department that supports CIEE's study abroad programs, provides input on all matters relating to our collective work regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Since IETF's inception in November 2019, we meet regularly to build cohesion within the group, share best practices from a variety of vantage points, and begin planting the seeds for our collaborative work. The word cloud above expresses our collective vision of what our work done successfully includes.

Each of the people on the task force were recommended by their department leaders because of the wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion they each have demonstrated for the ethos of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Meet the team:

Top row from left to right: Anne Rothaker, Manager of Academics and Online Learning; Keshia Abraham, Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Quinton Redcliffe, Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Jonathan Key, Director CIEE Amsterdam; Yanfei Fu, Regional Director, Nanjing

Middle row from left to right: Ray Casserly, Academic Director for the Global Institutes; Rylan Okie, Marketing Manager;  Morgan Reiss, Student Services Director; Julia Pons, Study Abroad Advisor; Kyndall Cox, Manager Institutional Relations for MSIs

Bottom row from left to right: Stephanie Sacerdoti-Wood, Enrollment Coordinator; Becca Cando, Senior Operations Coordinator, Health and Safety; Kwasi Gyasi-Gyamerah, Director CIEE Legon; Mary Morrissey, Study Abroad Advisor; Tian Song, Director CIEE Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

The IEFT will continue to come together regularly to discuss data collected on bias, discrimination, diversity, and inclusion and make recommendations based on the data. In December, we started reviewing our current predeparture orientation structure and developing recommended adjustments to be implemented at each site. IEFT members will assisting with the creation of a resource databank, contribute to trainings, and bring taskforce recommendations back to their teams to inform the work of the departments they represent. 

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