Impact of the Russia/Ukraine Crisis on CIEE Programs

Authored by:
Bill Bull

Bill Bull

CIEE is closely monitoring the Russian invasion of Ukraine for any potential impacts on CIEE programs in Russia and other countries in the region, both now and in the future. As of today, the diplomatic and military actions of Russia in Ukraine have had no detrimental impact on our program in St. Petersburg. Today’s classes went on as scheduled and students’ daily activities proceeded as usual.

CIEE staff in St. Petersburg report that, except for a localized protest that was suppressed by police, city life goes on as normal. While UK-linked planes have been banned from Russian airspace, many flight options remain, and the staff of CIEE St. Petersburg is closely monitoring for any changes to the local security environment.

CIEE will keep our students, their parents, and their home institutions immediately informed of any changes to the security situation in Russia. Students have been asked to avoid areas of protest, be mindful of independent travel, and sign up for STEP notifications if they have not yet done so.

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