Five Countries, Two Weeks, 16,589 Miles...

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Brenda Majeski

Brenda Majeski

CIEE continues to invest in expanding our Latin American portfolio of study abroad programs to ensure every student, regardless of economic means or academic discipline, has the chance to embrace the rich language and culture of our neighbors to the south.

Since 2017, we have revised the entire portfolio of Latin American programs, updated our foreign language offerings, expanded our Global Institute Network by introducing Open Campus Block Programs in five Latin American locations to provide maximum flexibility to each student shaping their study abroad experience, added dozens of new English-language taught STEM and Business courses, lowered program prices for semester programs, summer programs and J-term programs (which are now just $950!), and recently announced the limited offer of free flights (up to $1,000) to all students who attend any semester program in Latin America during calendar year 2020.

Our latest investment in highlighting the rich language, culture, economics, and STEM opportunities in Latin America was sending a team of 11 CIEE staff to five countries over 15 days to capture first-hand the student experience and richness that awaits your students. Their reports and photographs from this excursion are amazing! 

A cohort of CIEE employees spent two weeks in August walking in the footsteps of CIEE students studying abroad in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico. When they weren’t at 30,000 feet flying to their next destination, they were collecting hundreds of photos and video clips and countless stories from students, staff, and faculty. Each day they published their adventures via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts, blogs, videos, and photographs offering viewers an authentic feel for studying abroad in the region on Latin America Unplugged.

In each location, the team chatted with students, attended classes, visited homestays, interviewed staff, and took part in co-curricular activities. Whether they were climbing 200 steps up Corcovado Mountain or crashing a physics lab in Mérida, hiking through a rainforest in Monteverde or walking the halls of a host institution in Santiago, they were gaining firsthand insight into the student experience.

"It’s one thing to see pictures of where a student will study, but it’s entirely different to walk the corridors and feel the vibe,” said study abroad advisor, Nick Ortiz. “I feel like I’ll be able to offer a much better picture of what students can expect when they get here.”  

Some more thoughts from the team about what they discovered over some 16,000 miles:

“I never realized how emotional it is when host families meet their students, and vice versa. We were all practically in tears!”
—Erin McNamara, Digital Marketing Producer

“Traveling between the Global Institutes in Latin America was surprisingly easy. I thought it would be much more time consuming.”
—Soren Christiansen, Study Abroad Advisor

“The staff in every location were so warm and friendly and they all went above and beyond to show us their city. I can only imagine the amazing impact they have on our students that are there for an entire program.”
—Ryan Gauvreau, Manager Enrollment Advising

“The new Global Institute in Monteverde was jaw-dropping. It was 150+ acres of stunning scenery, gardens, livestock, labs, classrooms, and bungalows. The fact that students can have a carbon-neutral study abroad experience there is mind blowing.”
—Morgan Fahey, Digital Marketing Coordinator

“This trip was the ultimate metaphor for the work we do each day – the work of bringing life-changing experiences to students. No one person or team makes it happen alone – it’s the result of teamwork and a shared mission.”
—Liz Smith, Senior Marketing Manager

What will your students discover in Latin America?

We’re offering free flights (up to $1,000!) to any of our Latin America and Caribbean programs and locations in spring ‘20:  

Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Santiago and Valparaíso, Chile; Monteverde, Costa Rica; Havana, Cuba; Santiago, Dominican RepublicCusco, Peru; and Yucatán, Mexico.  ​

J-term in Latin America for Just $950

Students can choose from seven three-week, three-credit programs:


Note: application deadline for J-term is November 1, 2019.

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