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By Keshia Abraham 

At CIEE we strive to democratize study abroad through three main pillars – cost, curriculum, and culture. We care deeply about making impactful changes in our field to address diversity and inclusion. And we try to propagate this care by championing efforts that will have the most impact and will encourage those in our spheres of influence to join us.

A perfect example of the ripple effect we strive for can be seen in a grant we began offering this year of $1500 for all eligible students who apply for but do not receive the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship. These students all attend MSIs and are Pell eligible, therefore they will have their airfare paid for by the Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Grant that covers up to $2000 towards airfare for all Pell eligible students!
In addition, CIEE’s efforts were recognized and rewarded by Dr. Rudoph F. Crew, President of Medgar Evers College, who pledged to match CIEE’s $1,500 grant.  Following Dr. Crew’s lead, an additional 12 university presidents joined in this initiative.

This summer we will see record numbers of students of color studying abroad because of the Frederick Douglass Fellowship and another incredible opportunity – Russia scholarships. We continue to celebrate CIEE’s 50-year history in Russia with scholarships specifically designed to improve US-Russia relations.  In this second year of this effort, the awards were offered to ten Institutions dedicated to serving students of color and who have top-notch Russian studies programs. Twenty students will have the opportunity to study in either St. Petersburg or Moscow in summer 2019.

Another scholarship CIEE offers to support underrepresented students and institutions is CIEE’s Gilman Go Global Grant that guarantees all students who apply for Gilman (whether they receive it or not) $2500 toward semester programs and $1000 for summer programs.

We at CIEE care about ensuring that any student from any background who wishes to study abroad can access our programs and I couldn’t be prouder of the efforts we are making to grow in this area.

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