Comparative Learning Opportunities in 10 International Cities

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Brenda Majeski

Brenda Majeski

Forty years of research has proven the value of comparative learning to achieving learning outcomes. Moreover, today, students from all academic backgrounds desire more flexibility and experiential learning opportunities in study abroad programs to help them achieve their academic goals. And college presidents, provosts, and deans are looking for more English-based study abroad programs for students seeking business, health sciences, and STEM degrees.

To respond to these trends, we have developed the CIEE Global Quad, a 10-city network of study abroad sites on three continents that function as a matrix of coordinated, comparative, experiential learning opportunities. Students can select and register for hundreds of classes, internships, service learning experiences, and independent research projects available across this network.

CIEE is pleased to introduce our new registration tool that enables students to explore a nearly infinite set of possible international learning combinations and share those options with their advisors for review and approval. The tool showcases the 6-week content blocks student can select in different international cities — even different countries, or continents — to build a rich, comparative learning experience that keeps them on track for graduation.

Each semester is divided into three 6-week blocks. The new registration tool shows the courses available at each Global Institute location  (Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, and Santiago) in each block, and how the courses align with our six academic tracks (Business; Communication, Journalism, and New Media; Global and Community Health; International Relations and Political Science; Language, Literature, and Culture; Sustainability and Environmental Sciences; Internships and Research Projects).

The tool can be used to explore popular study combinations around a theme such as Medicine in the Modern World (with courses in Copenhagen, London, and Cape Town), Old World, New Media (with courses in London, Rome, and Madrid) or Spanish Language Immersion (with courses in Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Santiago).The tool allows you to download course syllabi so you can evaluate which combination of courses best fit the student’s academic plan. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, there is also a chat window that offers the ability to ask questions.

Best of all, once the student has selected their study abroad block combination, the details are passed on to the next step of the application process so there is no need for students to apply for each block or location separately.

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