CIEE Study Abroad Portfolio for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021

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CIEE’s mission is to connect the people of the world and this mission has never faced a greater challenge than the current global pandemic. It is with a steadfast commitment to our mission, and with robust, dynamic safety guidelines in mind, that we share CIEE’s plans for the upcoming year. 

CIEE Spring 2021 Portfolio

While we are seeing surges in coronavirus infections both home and abroad, we feel hopeful that those countries whose national strategies blunted the spread of COVID-19 earlier in the year will be able to do so again. CIEE will be operating 27 programs in 13 countries starting in January.

We recently made the decision to cancel additional programs in cities where we are not confident they will be able to quickly regain control of the coronavirus spread. This assessment was partly based on the country’s recent infection increases and historical data trends in CIEE’s Health Risk Index.

You can find an updated program list on our spring 2021 page.

CIEE Summer 2021 Portfolio

We are very happy to report summer program pricing will be unchanged from 2019 and we expect most sites to be operational. Further, we are incredibly proud to announce that the prestigious Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship is now open to all first-, second- and third-year minority students attending U.S.-based institutions! All eligible applicants who submit a complete application by the deadline – February 14, 2021 – but are not chosen as a Fellow receive a $1,500 Frederick Douglass Summer Scholar Grant to use on any CIEE summer program. This year’s cohort of Frederick Douglas Global Fellows is co-sponsored by the Irish Foreign Ministry and will celebrate the 175th anniversary of Douglass’s sojourn in Ireland. In the spirit of Douglass himself, we invite all globally minded students who agitate for positive change and social justice to apply.

You can find an updated program list on our summer 2021 page.

CIEE Fall 2021 Portfolio

We plan on operating nearly all sites and programs in fall 2021 and, like summer, program prices will remain unchanged from fall 2020. However, it is worth noting we have pre-emptively cancelled programs in Russia and China, due to expected immigration issues and difficulties obtaining student visas. We look forward to welcoming students back to these sites in spring 2022. Also, we are in the process of creating Open Campus Block Program mobility options and program updates will be announced in the coming weeks.

You can find an updated program list on our fall 2021 page.

CIEE Spring ’21 Programs Still Available

Given the challenging global environment and institutional restrictions on study abroad, we have seen some fellow providers and institutions unable to offer certain programs. And, indeed, some have cancelled the spring term entirely.

If you have students that were planning to attend a program affected by a cancellation, please contact us immediately. We may have additional space on European-based Open Campus Block Programs, as well as select programs in Amsterdam, Amman, Monteverde, and Seoul. Students must act quickly as many deadlines have already passed.

Virtual and In-Person Internships

Our virtual global internship programs offer opportunities in 20+ global cities and will be offered with start dates throughout the spring and summer. Further, we are excited by our new partnership with Hacker Exchange (HEX) and invite students to partake in the Virtual Global Innovation Internship which gives participants intensive start-up and new technology training before completing an 8-week or 12-week internship.

We also look forward to hosting students for in-person internships in Summer 2021. We currently anticipate running in-person Summer Global Internship programs in seven cities across Europe and the Pacific Rim.

CIEE Program Assurance Advantage

As a reminder, all applicants to CIEE’s academic year 2020-2021 study abroad and global internship programs are protected by our Program Assurance Advantage, so students can feel confident confirming participation without incurring financial risk. This free benefit protects students' financial investment in the event CIEE must cancel an international program. If students choose to withdraw, or their institution requires them to withdraw, up to 14 days before the start of a program, CIEE program fees paid will be refunded.

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