CIEE to Offer Full Slate of Online Courses for Summer 2020

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To reflect our ongoing commitment to overcoming barriers to international education, CIEE will offer a full slate of online courses during summer 2020, delivered by our exemplary staff and faculty in 16 countries and 18 cities. By offering affordable online opportunities with an international perspective, CIEE hopes to encourage students to remain engaged with our world, make academic progress towards their degrees, and prepare for future in-person study abroad experiences.

Fees for online courses: 
Each online course is priced at $750 for three semester credits. In addition, students completing one or more online courses this summer will receive a financial credit that can be applied to a future semester or summer in-person study abroad or internship program. Students taking online course(s) will receive a financial credit of $2,250 for semester programs in fall 2020 or spring 2021, or a credit of $750 for a program in summer 2021. (The value of the financial credit remains the same regardless of how many online courses a student takes during summer 2020.) 
Internationally taught, online courses include:
  • Culture and Cuisine in Spain (in English)  taught by faculty based in Madrid, Spain
Art History/Visual Arts
  • British Art History: The Golden Age taught by faculty based in London, England
  • Genius Artists for the Genius City taught by faculty based in Rome, Italy
  • Japanese Manga and Art taught by faculty based in Kyoto, Japan
  • Masterworks of French Art taught by faculty based in Toulouse, France
  • Intercultural Communication and Leadership, taught by faculty based in Santiago, Chile
  • Competitive Strategy: A European Perspective taught by faculty based in TBD, Europe
  • Economics of Wine taught by faculty based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Fashion and Business in France taught by faculty based in Paris, France
  • International Marketing taught by faculty based in Merida, Mexico
  • Hollywood and Europe taught by faculty based in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • A City within a City: The Vatican and Rome. History, Politics, and Society taught by faculty based in Rome, Italy
  • Monument, Memorial, and Public Space in Germany taught by faculty based in Berlin, Germany
  • Three Cultures in Spain: Jews, Christians, Muslims taught by faculty based in Seville, Spain
  • Vikings in the Conquest of Europe taught by faculty based in London, England
Political Science
  • “A Season of Protest” in South Africa and the US taught by faculty based in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Politics of the European Union taught by faculty based in Berlin, Germany
  • Psychology of Transition and Transformation taught by faculty based in Legon, Ghana
  • Theory of Mind: Psychology of Social Insights taught by faculty based in Legon, Ghana
Regional Studies/Gender Studies
  • America and the Arabs taught by faculty based in Rabat, Morocco
  • Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Popular Culture taught by faculty based in Berlin, Germany
  • Irish Culture, Society, and Identity taught by faculty based in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Paris Collage: History, Culture, Architecture taught by faculty based in Paris, France
  • Advanced Spanish taught by faculty based in Seville, Spain
  • Contemporary Challenges in Global Health taught by faculty based in Sydney, Australia
  • Sustainable Development for the Tropics taught by faculty based in Monteverde, Costa Rica

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