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Work & Travel USA program gives you a chance to be much more than a tourist! Experience life in the U.S. by working side-by-side with locals. It’s a real American experience that also helps cover travel expenses!

As your program sponsor, CIEE will help you have the best experience possible. Since 1969, we have sponsored thousands Work & Travel USA students. Our expertise helps you prepare for the program, and get you all of the important work documents you’ll need. Plus, we’re available 24 hours a day to help you with questions and emergencies while you are in the United States.

Established in 1947, CIEE is a world leader in student exchange services. Each year, we help nearly 50,000 high school and university students as well as young professionals and educators to grow personally and to develop their potential through participation in a wide variety of exchange programs across the globe. CIEE staff are highly trained and are devoted to providing the highest level of service to our global partners and program participants.

Administering quality exchange programs requires experience, reliability, and stability. CIEE, with more than 60 years of experience, has played a key role in setting—and often raising—the standards by which all organizations are measured.

Find your own job or talk to your local representative about finding a job through CIEE. We work with top U.S. companies who hire Work & Travel students every year. In fact, CIEE helps more than 10,000 students find jobs every year! There are job opportunities across the U.S., from New Jersey to Alaska and Florida to California. Working with U.S. employees and customers helps you to improve your English and adds international experience to your resume (CV). Whether you’re working as a restaurant server or operating a roller coaster at a theme park, you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget and learn valuable new skills that will last a lifetime.

CIEE has been a Work & Travel USA sponsor since 1969, which means you benefit from our years of experience helping students like you prepare for the program. We help you with the J-1 Visa process, provide you with health insurance, and supply all of your necessary documents. To make sure that your questions are answered before you leave home, we also provide you with an online orientation that covers everything from working in the U.S. to how to find a place to live.

CIEE provides you with superior support and services while you are in the United States. Our Customer Service Center is highly trained to help you solve any problems that you might have while on our program. CIEE even hires Work & Travel USA students to work in our Customer Service Center, so that we can help you in your own language! And, our support staff is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.

When your work is done, it’s time to explore the U.S.! The diversity and possibilities are endless. Surfing in California, a Broadway show in New York, or a baseball game in Chicago. There’s so much to do, and CIEE is ready to help you make your travel dreams come true. Check out the travel section for cool benefits that will help you make the most of your travel period.

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest ways to discover the United States. As you will learn, there are so many places to see and to visit in this huge country!

What makes this experience so special is that when you go home, you'll have a lot more than great memories and some cool photos. You'll also have an international work experience that will make your CV or resume get the most attention!

Start the application process today!

Work & Travel Overview


Discover the United States

Why Work & Travel?


The Year of Your Life

what will your story be?
Katya and Anna


Katya and Anna

Work and Travel Students
Splish Splash


Splish Splash

Summer as a Lifeguard
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Belen, Chile

I also learned about life, friendship, how to survive by myself.
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Leandro, Brazil

It gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and make many new friends all around the world...
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Vincent, Malaysia

Great program. Great experience. I wish I can do it again some other time.
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Sergii, Ukraine

The experience I like most is when you open your mind, you’ll find everything is so wonderful...
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Diyan, Bulgaria

If you ask me if I want to go back - I'll say a big "YEAH!". It was a great experience, which I owe to my agent and CIEE. Thank you, guys! You did a great job!.
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Laurita, Peru

Each customer has a different story to share. They could learn about my culture, and I could learn about theirs.
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Luana, Brazil

I grew up, I learned, and I worked and traveled!!!
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Before you start your CIEE Work & Travel USA program, you must complete a CIEE Orientation. In this orientation you will learn about program rules and regulations and get advice on how to have a successful program.

Click here to learn more.


Take Part in Something Extraordinary this Summer. This is your chance to earn a trip to Washington, D.C. Find out how!


Visit the culture guide to see news, events and cultural highlights to be aware of this month.

Any commentary used in your video must be in English.

By entering the contest, you are agreeing to allow WYSE Work Abroad and CIEE to use your video to promote work abroad programs.

WYSE Work Abroad: Expand Your Horizons Video Contest

WYSE Work Abroad: Expand Your Horizons Video Contest

Enter the WYSE Work Abroad Video Contest and you could win US$2,000!

As a member of WYSE Work Abroad, CIEE encourages you to showcase your creative talents by joining WYSE Work Abroad’s “Expand Your Horizons” Video Contest. Submit a 2-3 minute video about your work abroad, volunteer, work and travel, or internship experience, and you could win US $2,000!

Find out more about this exciting contest by visiting the contest microblog site:

The 2011 contest is now closed. Check back in April 2012 for details of the 2012 contest!

Be sure to notify WYSE Work Abroad that you’ve entered the contest by emailing them your name and the title of your video. You must also indicate that you are a CIEE Work & Travel USA participant.

If you have questions, please visit the WYSE Work Abroad website or email them at


CIEE Extras

CIEE is pleased to announce new benefits available to all CIEE Work & Travel USA participants. These benefits and services are provided to all students at little or no extra charge.

Student Advantage

Even if you have an ISIC card, the Student Advantage card can offer you extra discounts! For a membership cost of only US$12 (+$2.50 for shipping), CIEE Work & Travel USA participants can save on thousands of products and services around the USA, including trains, buses, even A|X Armani Exchange! Find out more.
ostelling International USA

Hostelling International USA provides high quality hostels in more than 70 locations throughout the U.S. Find out where they’re located, book your beds online, and access special offers just for Work & Travel USA participants here. Happy Travels!

Hostelworld offers some of the best deals on hostels and hotels around the world! And, with a Student Advantage membership, you can get even better deals! .
CIEE recommends you use to file your U.S. tax return. With you will pay nothing upfront (a processing fee of 10% will be deducted from your refund). customer service in 25 languages and you can choose from a range of different payment and currency options for receiving your U.S. tax refund. We make getting your U.S. tax refund easy! Find out more.

StudentUniverse is the largest online travel agency for students in the US. You can book airfares, hotels, rail passes, rental cars and travel insurance. Get your student discount on travel: