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Ping Matching Grants

CIEE is pleased to announce the establishment of the Ping Matching Grants. These charitable grants, funded through a small endowment, are named after Dr. Charles Ping, a former Chairman of the CIEE Board of Directors.

The purpose of the Ping Grants is two-fold. First, Ping Grants are designed to allow local companies or organizations to carry out new activities which will benefit their local communities. Second, Ping Grants are designed to allow CIEE, through its students, to give something back to the communities in which they study. Our students gain valuable knowledge, skills, and insight through studying outside the U.S., and those students will give back, in meaningful ways, at sites located near a CIEE Study Center.

Applications are received by CIEE Resident Staff around the world who work with local organizations to help better their community.

To learn more about the Ping Matching Grants program, check out this video that highlight three of the most recent projects.

To learn more about past Ping Matching Grant projects, view the PDF's below.

2010 Ping Matching Grants PDF 2012 Ping Matching Grants

2010 Ping Matching Grants PDF 2011 Ping Matching Grants

2010 Ping Matching Grants PDF 2010 Ping Matching Grants