About IFDS

About IFDS

About IFDS

For more than 65 years, CIEE has been the world leader in international exchange, providing institutions with the highest quality programs that support their mission to internationalize campuses.

CIEE’s International Faculty Development Seminars (IFDS) provide faculty and administrators from institutions of higher education with access to the rich academics, diverse intercultural experiences, and innovative approaches to learning and problem-solving that enhance syllabi, internationalize curricula, and increase global understanding on your campus.

About ten days long, our IFDS provide intensive academics structured around key programmatic components:

  • A dynamic virtual pre-departure session in which participants jumpstart exploration of the seminar theme with CIEE seminar leaders and cohort members prior to arriving on site.
  • Detailed syllabi that include readings, objectives, and framing questions for all seminar activities, and are used by CIEE seminar leaders to structure and navigate the program’s academic progression.
  • A comprehensive on-site orientation that introduces participants to the CIEE Study Center and includes segments focused on intercultural development and engaging the seminar syllabus and learning objectives.
  • Lectures and discussion sessions led by local faculty, researchers, public officials, and practitioners who present, analyze, and discuss the primary questions and debates relevant to the seminar theme.
  • Site visits and intercultural activities at local NGOs, schools, heritage sites, museums, and community institutions that provide practical experience and opportunities to engage meaningfully with local people, complementing the theoretical discussions held in class.
  • The CIEE ‘Now What?’ Workshop. On the final day of the seminar, you’ll take part in a workshop designed around the interests and needs of your group of participants. First, your IFDS leader will guide you through the learning cycle, addressing the what, so what and now what of the experience you’ve just completed. Next, you’ll join one of the following discussions, based on your goals:
    • Pedagogy – Explore how to develop or enhance your curriculum.
    • Community integration – Examine methods that promote internationalization on campus.
    • Reflection – Share and process your experiences on a personal level.
    No matter what your goal, this workshop will ensure that you return ready to share what you’ve learned abroad and make a difference on campus.

With so many options, you can choose the international professional development experience that’s ideal for you:

  • More than 15 single- and multi-site locations around the world
  • Disciplines ranging from business to international relations to public health.
  • Winter and summer sessions.

No matter which IFDS you choose, you’ll expand your knowledge, expertise, and passion to facilitate internationalization at every level of your institution:

  • Incorporate newly gained global views into course content.
  • Create new courses — at home or abroad — that examine subjects through a particular cultural lens.
  • Form lasting partnerships with institutions and scholarly organizations around the globe.
  • Encourage students to pursue their own study abroad experiences.
  • Design and lead your own international program with the support and expertise of the CIEE Faculty and Custom Programs department.

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