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Upcoming Hiring Seasons

Are you looking for ski instructors, lift operators, food & beverage workers, or resort help for next year? Winter Work & Travel students are available to fill these positions, and many more! Contact a CIEE International Recruitment Consultant who will develop a hiring strategy based upon the needs of your company, the suitability of your jobs for each market, and student availability.


Need to wrap up the winter season or get a jump on summer? Spring Work & Travel students are generally available from early March, and can often stay through June. Late season ski resort help and early summer needs are easily met with students from Southeast Asia. Your International Recruitment Consultant will suggest a hiring strategy for you based upon the hiring needs of your company, the suitability of your jobs for each market, and student availability.

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Spring 2013 Students

Season Country Typical Start Date Typical End Date Typical Duration Current Size Growth Potential Local rules
Spring Philippines Mar-15 to Mar-22 Jun-15 to Jun-25 13 weeks Medium Good  
Spring Thailand Mar-5 to Mar-22 May-26 to Jun-6 13 weeks Medium Good Mar-5 is earliest start work date, Jul-5 is the latest work end date
Current Size
Small: Less than 100
Medium: 100 - 500
Large: 500+

Growth Potential
Limited: Impediments to growth
Good: There is potential for steady growth
Very Good: Growth coupled with high volume

The following hiring services will be available for Spring 2016:

CIEE Road Show

Travel with CIEE on our Southeast Asia Road Show
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CIEE Recruit

Let CIEE staff hire students on your behalf
Learn More
CIEE Virtual

Conduct face-to-face interviews online from your office
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Typical Schedule:

While CIEE can register new employers at any time, the following is a general overview of the timeline of signing up to hire Spring students:

Employers sign up with CIEE June – September
CIEE advertises jobs to students September – October
Hiring season (trips, virtual interviews, online hiring, etc.) October - February
Students arrive March