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CIEE strives to provide our clients with the resources they need to have a successful hiring experience. We are ready to answer questions about any aspect of the program, from the day you sign up to hire with us, until long after your participants have returned home. With over 60 years of experience, there are not many questions we haven’t heard before!

CIEE Knowledge Base

CIEE will be here to support you throughout your partnership with us. We'll provide guidance as you prepare for your participants to arrive, during their stay, and after they have gone home. Every CIEE partner employer works with a designated contact at CIEE to assist with any needs that arise. We also have local staff in many regions of the U.S. who can assist when a CIEE presence is required.

The information in this section will help you prepare to host your participants. Take a look at our help pages listed to the left.

If you are already hosting a CIEE participant and wish to report an issue or problem, use our Employer Support Tool.

Additionally, CIEE maintains a customer service helpline and 24-hour emergency support for our participants while they are in the United States. We also provide direct assistance with questions regarding our participants' insurance.

If you need to report a participant issue, click here to open our Employer Support Tool.

(24 hours for emergencies)

CIEE Insurance

If you have a participant you want to hire, please Click here!

CIEE Job Offer Form

If you have identified a student you want to hire, please provide them with a CIEE Job Offer Form. They will need this form in order to apply for their J-1 Visa.

We recommend that you complete the form electronically – you can save your work for future use. Then print and sign the form and send it to your student worker. Please note that all job offers must be approved by CIEE. CIEE will contact you at a later time to confirm that the job offer is valid.

To learn more about the guidelines for host employers, including a list of prohibited jobs, please click here.