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Cultural Exchange

Welcome international students into your business and community. Through the CIEE Work & Travel USA exchange program, participants experience American culture firsthand, while you and your staff foster an appreciation of new cultures and show participants what it is you love about the United States.

Benefits of Exchange

Benefits of Exchange
The collaboration between U.S. employees and CIEE program participants is one of the greatest benefits to employers and to the exchange experience. Participants and employees work together to produce quality work and solve shared problems. The long term impact of this type of exchange creates future leaders who instinctively appreciate the value of international collaboration, understanding, and empathy.

CIEE partners with organizations abroad and U.S. employers who share in our commitment to promote cultural exchange. Equally important is our collaboration and advocacy for best practices in the delivery of our program. Our pledge is to lead by example and provide opportunities that change lives for both American employers and international students.