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Student Insurance Overview

CIEE USA High School Students are covered while in the U.S. by the CIEE/Aetna insurance plan*

It is IMPORTANT to remember that any time a student seeks medical attention while on the CIEE program, the student or the host family should contact CIEE as soon as possible either by calling 1-888-268-6245 or emailing

You receive your insurance information in your orientation folder upon arrival. You will be able to find insurance information by folding out your Student Insurance Card, on the back of your Student ID Card, on the CIEE insurance website or by calling CIEE. For more Information or to locate a doctor using DocFind, go to

Students should carry the following two cards with them at all times:

Insurance Card


Example of Student Insurance Card

insurance card

Student ID Card


Insurance information on back of card

student ID card

*Some USA High School students do not participate in the CIEE/Aetna insurance plan but they should have received insurance information prior to arrival in the U.S. regarding their insurance provider. If you have questions as to which insurance plan your student is covered under please contact CIEE.

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