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Training and Professional Development

Throughout your time working as a CIEE Local Coordinator, you will learn how to communicate more effectively, and receive ongoing training. You will have online tools and databases at your disposal.

You will have opportunities to do large and small group presentations and organize educational outings for students.

Training you will receive

  • Networking Training - to help you learn how to reach out to people in your community.
  • Support Training - to help you learn conflict resolution, cross cultural communication, and ways to help your student through the challenges of their exchange.
  • National and International Meetings - attend seminars and additional trainings when you attend our annual meetings, which provide a great opportunity to meet and interact with Local Coordinators from all over the U.S.

Joining a Team of Professionals

line support

Your Regional Director - the USA High School Program has a team of Regional Directors who have been working with students and host families for many years. Each Regional Director is committed to the success of every LC on their team. You will be able to work directly with your Regional Director at each step of placing and supervising students. Training with CIEE will be ongoing and is provided with the purpose of supporting and guiding you through all of the processes of the job of Local Coordinator.


Outreach Coordinator - a marketing professional who develops brochures, handouts, print ads, PSA's and other networking tools for Local Coordinators to use in the field.


Support Coordinators - a team of trained individuals who are committed to the success and well being of each student on the program. You will be able to speak to Support Coordinators about your students who are having adjustment difficulties. They will also assist with student discipline and conflict resolution between students and host families.

Tools provided by CIEE


LC Extranet and Online Database

CIEE LC Extranet

Print materials, brochures, business card templates, posters, PSAs

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