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Bring the World into your Classroom Discussion

In an effort to help you bring the world to your classroom, CIEE and our community of teachers and local coordinators have developed lesson plans to help you bring a new perspective on global current events to your classroom through guided discussion, activities, readings, and more.

CIEE and our partner high schools across the U.S. aim to engage students, both international and local, in an intercultural discourse. When discussing global current events, it is helpful to have a framework. Our well-developed lesson plans focus on global current events, bringing in discussion of geography, culture, and the firsthand experience of CIEE exchange students from around the world. The international student experience brings a unique dimension to your lesson plans, and provides the 21st century tools essential for teachers to use in the classroom – the voice of students from those countries on which the lesson plans focus.

Bringing the World to U.S. Communities for Over 60 Years

CIEE was founded in 1947, a pioneer in international exchange, leading the industry by working with schools, the U.S. government, and other sponsors to continually improve the high school exchange system. We’ve brought over 400,000 students to the U.S. on high school and other exchange programs.

Build International Bridges in Your School That Will Last a Lifetime

International education is more important today than ever before, and globalizing your classroom is vital as you prepare students to succeed in today’s interconnected world. The challenge is to find a way to educate future global citizens using more than textbooks, movies, and classroom lectures. We at CIEE believe that learning is about the relationships between people, and that international educational exchange is the best way to foster mutual understanding between people around the world. We can’t do it without schools like yours who commit to learning about cultural exchange—building international bridges and breaking down cultural barriers through immersion in the American educational system. We thank you for your diligence in pursuing this mission with us. Find out more

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Did You Know?

CIEE sponsors students on the following Grant scholarships:

  • Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX)
  • Youth Exchange and Study (YES)
  • American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange (A-SMYLE)
  • Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)
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