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What's Different about Grants Students?

As a host family of a Grants student, you have the unique opportunity to see life from the perspective of a highly motivated student whose exchange experience will be fostered by a network of support from CIEE, the Department of State, and other exchange organizations.

Grants students are youth ambassadors who have competed with hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of other students for the chance to spend a year in the U.S. on a full scholarship.

Beyond the CIEE Community Project, CIEE Grant Programs also include special requirements to help develop our students’ understanding of U.S. values and share their culture during the exchange year.

In addition to an arrival orientation, each Grants student must attend a mid-year and end-year meeting organized by his/her CIEE Local Coordinator. YES, FLEX and A-SMYLE students are also required to participate in four Enhancement Activities that are designed to educate students about diversity, representative democracy, entrepreneurship, and volunteerism.

Grants in the news


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CIEE Grant Programs
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