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Allowances and Stipends

Incidental Allowance


The FLEX, YES and A-SMYLE scholarship programs are supported and funded by the United States Congress and the appropriation is managed by the U.S. State Department. The agency, in turn, funds different international educational organizations, such as CIEE, to implement these programs.

Terms of these grant programs allow for a special allocation for host families to enable them to defray some of the costs associated with hosting a FLEX, YES or A-SMYLE student. This allowance is not available for CBYX or other CIEE exchange students. The allocation, known as the host family incidental allowance, assists families with the purchase of essential items which the student may not be able to afford, such as clothes, shoes, book bags, or a winter coat, etc.  They may charge the cost of eyeglasses or school fees. The terms of the grant permit reimbursement up to $300.00 for the school year per student.


Please note that acceptable expenses must be directly related to the student. A family may not, for example, take the student out for a meal and charge it to the grant. Likewise, they may not charge personal household expenses, such as electricity and phone bills associated with adding a member to the household. In turn, host families should not be paying for students’ long distance calls. Phone calls, movies, restaurant outings, etc., should be paid for by the student out of his/her monthly stipend of $125.

Please download the form here. Please read and follow the instructions carefully and submit an original store receipt for every expense. A canceled check or a statement from a credit card company is not a valid receipt and because this is government policy, there will be no exceptions. Just remember to keep all your receipts!

We urge you to use these funds carefully. You may submit the reimbursement expense report whenever you like, but we can only reimburse up to $300.00. It will take three to four weeks from when you mail it in to process your request for a reimbursement.

The deadline for submitting your allowances for reimbursement is April 30.

Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your home with a young person from one of the programs included in this program.  We realize this allowance does not begin to repay your costs or your kindness but we hope it is of some assistance. Please contact us if you have any questions: call 1-800-448-9944 or email us at

Student Stipend


FLEX, YES and A-SMYLE students are also granted a monthly stipend of $125/month during their exchange year to help with associated personal spending to be used at their discretion. For many students, it is the first time that they have ever been given spending money and they may be tempted to use it all on large purchases. CIEE Grants Local Coordinators have been trained on how to help students plan for their year ahead and work with you to develop a budget that your exchange student can follow to learn how to manage their stipend.

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