My Year in the USA



This is me playing a Tennis match vs. Oldham County High school. This season is my first season playing Tennis, and I’m really enjoying it. My partner and I won that match vs OC and we’ve been successful.

When I first heard where I was going to spend my next year in the US, I was excited. Kentucky was not the State that I expected- but now I am really glad I got to spend my year 25 minutes outside of downtown Louisville. There wasn’t really a hard part I had to overcome at the beginning, because I was just so amazed by everything, and I thought everything here was great.

Well, after a time I looked at things different and I compared my new life style to my old one. I have realized that I wasn’t as independent as I have been at home. I was at my host families house, and I couldn’t go anywhere by myself, because there wasn’t anything at least 7 miles around the house. Of course I had things to do that didn’t include taking off by myself, but when it came to the weekends, I really missed going out with friends on Friday night, or taking the bus to the next city for a shopping trip with my friend on Saturday mornings. Basically, I realized that for the first time I had to ask for rides. Just the feeling to know that I was kind of stuck at my house was frustrating and reminded me of home. But fortunately I am a person who realizes the world is not going to end if I do not get to do what I want. I found different things to do, like going to the movies or out for dinner as a family. Sometimes I just spend time at home playing games or attending host siblings’ sporting events; something that I really enjoy. Also I’ve been enjoying volunteering and playing Tennis and field hockey for my high school. I want to be a part of the culture and participate in their activities.

It was my desire to immerse myself in the culture that drew me to America. I have learned so many things about the American culture and the differences between their and my way of life in Kentucky and I have been enjoying to life like an American for almost a year, and to know what is like and I know I will never get that chance again.


This is me(top, right) my host sister Holly (bottom, left), her best friend Maddie (top, left) and Hollis (bottom, left) working on a house on our mission trip at Bay St. Louis , Mississippi. We stayed their for a week, and had a great time working at our work side and participating in activities such as bowling, shopping, spending a day at New Orleans and worship ( every night).