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Gap Year Abroad Gap Year Abroad with CIEE

A gap year is a big step—one that means letting go and stepping outside of your comfort zone. It's a year in which you’ll have the chance to step out into the world, gain valuable life experience and skills, and begin the transition into independence.

CIEE Gap Year Abroad offers you the tools to create a custom program built around your needs, and the resources and support necessary to explore a new culture in ways that were previously unimaginable.

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Student Bloggers Student Bloggers

  • Rachel Baker

    Rachel Baker

    Program: Gap Year Abroad in Spain

    Bio: I am a sister, a picture taker, a runner, a nature lover, a food try-er… actually an anything try-er, a scrap booker, a line dancer, a shower singer, a gardener, a new blogger, and a traveler...

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  • Lauren Bechtel

    Lauren Bechtel

    Program: Gap Year Abroad in Spain

    Bio: My name is Lauren Bechtel, and I grew up in small town Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. Ever since childhood, my education has been anything but traditional...

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  • Christina Cabezas

    Christina Cabezas

    Program: Gap Year Abroad in Dominican Republic

    Bio: ¡Hola amigos! My name is Christina Cabezas and I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Yes, the land of the Amish...

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  • Stephanie Denoyer

    Stephanie Denoyer

    Program: Gap Year Abroad in Spain

    Bio: Hi, I’m Steph Denoyer—bitten by the travel bug, and risk-taker through and through. I find myself this spring in Sevilla, España, hoping to learn a thing or two about both Spanish culture in action and the art of integrating in a family with whom you share neither a homeland, nor family, nor language...

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  • Madeleine Meredith

    Madeleine Meredith

    Program: Gap Year Abroad in Chile/Spain

    Bio: Bienvenido! I grew up in Denver, Colorado and graduated from Mountain Vista High School this past may...

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  • Hayley Schultz

    Hayley Schultz

    Program: Gap Year Abroad in Chile/Spain

    Bio: Hello and welcome to my blog! I cannot wait for this gap year experience, so I can improve my Spanish and become immersed in not one, but two completely different cultures...

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  • Helen Walter-Cardinal

    Helen Walter-Cardinal

    Program: Gap Year Abroad in France

    Bio: I didn’t choose to go abroad for a year; I had to. No one made me—I simply could not think of a reason I wouldn’t want to...

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