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Global Perspectives: developing strategic initiatives, educating for a world economy

2012 Annual Conference - Shanghai

We look forward to hosting the exciting and diverse group of study abroad professionals registered for the 2012 CIEE Annual Conference—Global Perspectives: developing strategic initiatives, educating for a world economy, taking place on November 14-17 in Shanghai, China.

The CIEE Annual Conference is attended by industry leaders and experienced professionals in the field of international education. The level of experience among attendees, as well as the intimate nature of the event, provides a unique environment in which to participate in sessions, network with colleagues, and continue professional development within the field through pre-conference workshops.

This year in Shanghai, we will explore the impact of a rapidly changing global economy on the field of study abroad and how educators and professionals can give students the tools necessary to flourish in it. Together we will discuss:

  • How can we prepare students poised to enter an economy undergoing historic change?
  • What kinds of opportunities are there in international studies for professional education?
  • Can study abroad meet growing student demands for practical experience?
  • Can any student afford not to pursue international education in a globally and economically interdependent world?

Speakers & Videos +

Sidney Rittenberg

Opening Plenary Session and Reception
Wednesday, November 14, 6:00pm–7:00pm

Watch Sidney Rittenberg's presentation below.

2011 Annual Conference Shanghai - Sidney Rittenberg

Sidney Rittenberg—an American-born journalist, cultural liaison, and former revolutionary figure—is one of the few living men who has personally known Chinese leaders, including the notorious “Gang of Four.” Following WWII, he became the first American to be admitted to the Chinese Communist Party, until his withdrawal after the Cultural Revolution. Since that time, Rittenberg has served in a variety of roles from interpreter to cultural liaison. Most recently, Rittenberg has served as a visiting professor of Chinese studies at Pacific Lutheran University.

Wrongfully accused of being an American spy, Rittenberg spent 16 of his 35 years in a Chinese prison. His time in China is the subject of a new documentary, The Revolutionary, which will be shown following his remarks. According to the film’s producer Irv Drasnin, “I’ve met a lot of characters in my time, but none more unforgettable than Sid. He’s lived his life with the courage of his convictions—and more than that, with the courage to re-examine those convictions and to do so on camera.”

Louisa Lim

Annual Luncheon
Friday, November 16, 12:15pm–2:00pm

Watch Louisa Lim's presentation below.

2011 Annual Conference Shanghai - Louisa Lim

Based in Beijing, NPR foreign correspondent, Louisa Lim, finds China a hugely diverse, vibrant, fascinating place. "Everywhere you look and everyone you talk to has a fascinating story," she notes, adding that she's "spoiled with choices" of stories to cover. In her reports, Lim takes "NPR listeners to places they never knew existed. I want to give them an idea of how China is changing and what that might mean for them."

Lim opened NPR's Shanghai bureau in February 2006, but she's reported for NPR from up Tibetan glaciers and down the shaft of a Shaanxi coalmine. She made a very rare reporting trip to North Korea, covered illegal abortions in Guangxi province, and worked on the major multimedia series on religion in China "New Believers: A Religious Revolution in China." Lim has been part of NPR teams who multiple awards, including the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award, a Peabody and two Edward R. Murrow awards, for their coverage of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008 and the Beijing Olympics. She's been honored in the Human Rights Press Awards, as well as winning prizes for her multimedia work.

Schedule & Presentations +

Wednesday, November 14

One-Day Faculty Development Seminar:
Urban Transformation and Economic Development in Shanghai
Pre-Conference Workshop I:
More Than a Checklist: Successfully Navigating the Complexities of Educational Partnerships and Initiatives in China
Global Community Service Project:
Understanding Local Community Through Service
Rainbow SIG Meeting
Opening Plenary
Featured Speaker: Sidney Rittenberg
Opening Reception
Featured Documentary Screening:
The Revolutionary A new film featuring Sidney Rittenberg

Thursday, November 15

Information Hall and Internet Café
Concurrent Sessions

Shifting Emphasis from Client to Student by Way of the Appropriate Qualitative Assessment Questionnaires
Chair: Lilli Engle, American University Center of Provence

100,000 Strong Initiative: Linking the Global to Local through Study Abroad in China (2.72MB, PDF)
Chair: Brett Berquist, Michigan State University

Internationalizing the Professional Schools: Development of New Study Abroad Models in the Professional Disciplines (8.27MB, PDF)
Chair: Margaret Heisel, NAFSA

The Ivory Tower of Babel: When Departments Say No in Every Language (11.3MB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Nanette Hanks, University of Minnesota

Coffee Break
Concurrent Sessions

Research Abroad: A Strategic Next Step for Education Abroad (5.37MB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Jennifer Wiley, University of Virginia

Wanted: A New Study Abroad Model Fit for Asia (4MB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Daniel Schuval, MASA Israel Journey

Mental Health Issues Abroad: Screening, Management, and Response
Co-Chairs: Bill Frederick, Lodestone Safety International, Adam Rubin, CIEE

Collaborating Across Campus and the World: Preparing Students for International Internships (2.4MB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Katie Saur, Indiana University

Implementing New Security, Safety and Health Assessment Strategies to Minimize Risk, Reduce Institutional Liability and Maximize Duty of Care (6.8MB, PDF)
Chair: Adam Rubin, CIEE

Open Forum: Education Abroad Directors and Managers
Moderator: Mary Dando, University of Colorado Boulder
Concurrent Sessions

Developing Intercultural Competence and Transformation: Meta-Level Intervention in the Study Abroad Experience
Chair: Gabriele Weber Bosley, Bellarmine University

Putting Disabilities on the Map (1.8MB, PDF)
Chair: Cerise Roth-Vinson, MIUSA

What’s a Semester Worth? Global Perspectives, Language Acquisition, and Intercultural Sensitivity Development in Chinese Students Abroad (2.05MB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Jane Jackson, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Culture and Language in Business: Developing Competency Through Diverse Initiatives (185KB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Mike Troilo, University of Tulsa

Concurrent Sessions

Stacking the Study Abroad Deck: Developing Strategies to Attract and Support Non-Traditional Students
Chair: Jennifer Fisher, Arizona State University

Academic Integration of International Experience: Creative Approaches and Best Practices (4.7MB, PowerPoint)
Co-Chair: Ann Marie Plane, University of California, Chia-ning Chang, University of California-Davis

Designing Strategic Initiatives that Promote Advanced Language Learning During Study Abroad (28.3MB, Zip)
Chair: Christopher Powers, IIE

ACB Forum: What is the Role of Language Instruction on CIEE Thematic Programs?
Chair: Priscilla Stone, Washington University

Poster Fair
CIEE Conference Reception at the Shanghai Concert Hall

Friday, November 16

Information Hall and Internet Café
Concurrent Sessions

Technology to Support Student and Faculty Safety Abroad (2.2MB, PDF)
Chair: Laura Angelone, International SOS

Bridging the Gap Between Internships and Careers in the Competitive China Job Market: Local Entrepreneurs Weigh In
Chair: Jeremy Friedlein, CET

Education for a Global Economy: Teaching and Learning Initiatives in the Twenty-First Century (168KB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Chi Anyansi-Archibong, North Carolina A&T University

Cross-Cultural Engagement Training for Faculty: A Model for Faculty Preparation (700KB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Steven Duke, Wake Forest University

Coffee Break
Concurrent Sessions

Student Satisfaction: Strategic Student Survey Assessment in Study Abroad (3.5MB ,PDF)
Chair: Swenyu Hu, DIS

Making It Happen: Diverse Students in Diverse Locations (1.9MB ,PDF)
Chair: Carol Larson, University of Pittsburgh

Ethical Considerations of Commission-Based Recruitment Agents: Comparative Perspectives from Australia, the UK, and the U.S.
Chair: Moli Yang, James Cook University

Risk Management: Implementing New Assessment Strategies to Minimize Risk, Reduce Institutional Liability, and Maximize Duty of Care
Chair: Landes Holbrook, Brigham Young University

Annual Luncheon
Featured Speaker: Louisa Lim, NPR
Concurrent Sessions

Sex and Sexuality in Study Abroad
Chair: Stephen Ferst, Kean University

Promoting Global Perspectives Through Professional Development and Curricular Integration at an HBCU (29.3MB, Zip)
Chair: Joti Sekhon, Winston-Salem State University

Strange Bedfellows: Managing a Small Consortial Agreement (491KB, PDF)
Chair: Carolyn Sorkin, Wesleyan University
Strange Bedfellows: Managing a Small Consortial Agreement (407KB, PDF)
Presenter: Margaret Riley

Chair: Mark Beirn, Washington University in St. Louis

Concurrent Sessions

Playing the Global Stage: Cross-Cultural Leadership, Theater, and Improvisation
Chair: Benjamin Lorch, CIEE Berlin

Implementing Campus Strategic Global Initiatives: Barriers, Tensions, and Solutions (0.6MB, PDF)
Chair: Dimeji Togunde, Spelman College

Implementing Campus Strategic Global Initiatives: Barriers, Tensions, and Solutions (1.6MB, PDF)
Presenter: Kathleen Sideli, Indiana University

Implementing Campus Strategic Global Initiatives: Barriers (1.5MB, PDF)
Presenter: Debra L. Peterson, Albion College

Demystifying Study Abroad Financial Aid: A Panel Discussion (1.10MB, Zip)
Study Abroad Financial Aid--Glossary of Terms and Helpful Websites (534KB, PDF)
Chair: Joseph Rienti, Fordham University

Lessons Learned: Three Decades of Placing Teachers in China (18MB, Power Point)
Chair: Susan Holme Brick, Whitman College

Lessons Learned: A Foreign Teacher's Adventure in China (1.8MB, PDF)
Presenter: Kelvin Li


Saturday, November 17

Information Hall and Internet Café
CIEE Breakfast
Concurrent Sessions

Social Media 101 & 201: From Understanding the Basics to Building Innovative Social Networking Communities (19.4MB, PowerPoint)
Chair: Blake Cooper, University of California, Davis

Chinese Language Pedagogy for Study Abroad Administrators (2.1MB, PDF)
Chair: Han Bing, The Alliance for Global Education

Teaching, Mentoring, and Bridging Chinese Language Teachers with “Generation Me” in the Study Abroad Context (0.5MB, PDF)
Chair: Christie Chang, National Chengchi University

Course Design in Study Abroad Programs (1.3MB, PDF)
Chair: Tao Hong

How "Special" is the Chinese Language? (1.8MB, PDF)
Chair: Yanfeng Li, TransChina Education in Shanghai

Connections, Collaboration, and Controversy: International Recruiting and Admissions in China (3.2MB, PDF)
Chair: Jim Miller, NACAC, University of Wisconsin–Superior

Washington Update
Chair: Michael McCarry, Alliance on International Educational and Cultural Exchange

Concurrent Sessions

Missing You: Staying Connected With Study Abroad Alumni
Chair: Jane Gunn-Lewis, Arcadia University

Once is Not Enough: Trends in International Students Studying Abroad
Chair: Jacqueline Levine, University of Rochester

Effective Use of the New Digital Chinese Language Technology
Chair: David Moser, CET Beijing

Diversity Dialogue
Co-chairs: Carol Larson, University of Pittsburgh, Catherine Menyhart, CIEE

Academic Consortium Member Post Conference Site Visit
As the conference comes to a close, we invite our Academic Consortium Members to join us for an afternoon visit to our Shanghai Study Center. This visit will include a tour of the center, visit the residence halls as well as an introduction to the study center and staff. The visit will take place on Saturday, November 17th, departing from the hotel at 1:15pm and departing the Study Center at 5:30pm for an estimated return to the hotel at 6:30pm.
1:30pm-5:00pm Optional Tours
Half-Day Shanghai Classic Tour
Spend the afternoon discovering Shanghai’s classic attractions during this captivating half-day tour. You’ll view two exquisite milk-white Jade Buddha statues that give the Jade Buddha Temple its name, you may even find yourself mingling with the many Buddhist monks who still reside and practice in the temple today, light incense, and bind a red ribbon to the wishing statues to receive a blessing. Next, you’ll explore Old Town, which offers visitors a unique blend of past and present from ancient tea gardens, tea stores, and dumpling houses to modern-day Starbucks, Haagen Dazs, and McDonalds. Finally, you’ll luxuriate in the 20,000 square meters of perfectly manicured greenery, Ming-style pavilions, natural carved rockeries, and dramatic dragon-shaped walls of the peaceful Yu Garden, the only complete example of an ancient Chinese garden that exists in Shanghai today.
1:30pm-5:00pm Optional Tours
Half-Day Zhujiajiao Water Village Excursion
Take a step back in time as you explore the historic Zhujiajiao Water Village during this half-day excursion. The village is an ancient water town well-known throughout the country with a history of more than 1,700 years. It features 36 delicate bridges that span the Cao Gang River of different shapes, styles, and materials—Be sure to walk across the most unique, the Fangsheng Bridge, which is the largest five-arched stone bridge in east China. Enjoy a samban boat ride through the watery canals to view this nicely-preserved village. Don’t forget to leave time to stroll down the one–kilometer long North Street which is the best preserved ancient street in the village. It’s the perfect place to peruse local made crafts, pick up souvenirs, and taste traditional food, all while enjoying the historic buildings and getting to know the local people. After spending a few hours at the village, you will stop at a silk making factory to learn how silk has been made since the 14th century and you may also shop for silk clothing, accessories, and blankets.
1:30pm-5:00pm Optional Tours
Half-Day Historic French Concession Tour and Taikang Road
Start off this excursion with a tour of the Arts and Crafts Institute where you’ll watch Shanghai artisans create pieces of traditional Chinese arts and crafts such as embroidery and paper-cutting right before your eyes. Then get a taste of “new” China during this walking tour of Taikang Road in the former French Concession area of downtown Shanghai. Preferred by the nouveaux riche from the mid-1800s to 1930s, the area is home to romantic Mediterranean, Tudor, and art deco homes interspersed with a charming cluster of art and fashion boutique shops, trendy cafés, and restaurants. Many locals still live in the area and you will encounter several of them going about their daily lives. You’ll spend a relaxing afternoon strolling around the traditional neighborhood stopping to eat, people watch, sip tea, shop, and more.

Conference Publications +