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In Pursuit of Excellence: Prioritizing Quality as Study Abroad Evolves

We know that international education encourages both global interdependence and a culturally diverse world. But in recent years, study abroad has been confronted by new attitudes and expectations from students, faculty, and parents. The actual student experience has become markedly different. As international educators, it is our responsibility to ensure that quality programming endures.

2010 Annual Conference - Philadelphia

At the 2010 CIEE conference, we discussed issues of program excellence and what this means as the field evolves, and how to best ensure its efficacy. Surrounded by Philadelphia’s famed row house architecture and the modern culture of its renowned murals, we explored the existing study abroad landscape and new expectations from all stakeholders.

Philadelphia provided an ideal location to ask the following questions: Now that we’ve created different program models to meet various student needs, how can we ensure quality? Are we meeting the expectations of students, parents, and faculty? And how has technology changed how we monitor and evaluate programs?

International education issues such as the following were discussed at the 2010 Annual Conference in Philadelphia:

  • Communicating academic quality to students—do they care?
  • The international office’s role in evaluating and ensuring the quality of an ever-expanding number of programs
  • Obtaining meaningful feedback
  • Ensuring program quality from afar
  • Social media’s role in study abroad and the student experience—how are students "evaluating" programs using online forums?
  • The role of independent evaluators—managing costs, transparency, and feedback

Region-specific study abroad destinations, scholarship and grant opportunities, and relevant developments in Washington, DC were also covered.

Speakers +

Richard Beeman, University of Pennsylvania

Opening Plenary Session and Reception
Wednesday, November 10, 6:00pm–8:30pm

2011 Annual Conference - Philadelphia

Richard Beeman is Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of six books and several dozen articles on the history of revolutionary America; his biography of Patrick Henry was a finalist for the National Book award. His most recent book, Plain, Honest Men: The Making of the American Constitution is the most comprehensive account of the Constitutional Convention to appear in the past half century, taking readers behind the scenes and beyond the debate to show how the world’s most enduring constitution was forged through conflict, compromise, and, eventually, fragile consensus.

Professor Beeman has served as Chair of the University of Pennsylvania Department of History, Associate Dean in Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences responsible for the School’s Humanities and Social Sciences departments, and as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the National Constitution Center and is Chair of the Constitution Center’s Committee on Programs, Exhibits, and Education. He serves as Vice-Chair of the Distinguished Scholars Panel of the Constitution Center and as a member of the scholarly advisory board of the American Revolution Center.

Professor Beeman will explore the eighteenth century political culture and the habits of political leadership that allowed the Founding Fathers to accomplish so much in such a short space of time. He will, in the process, offer some reflections on how members of our current Congress, themselves torn by division and nearly paralyzed in partisan gridlock, might learn from the Founding Fathers.

Annual Conference Reception at the National Constitution Center
Thursday, November 11, 7:00pm–9:00pm

Sponsored by Terra Dotta, LLC

Join colleagues for an evening at the National Constitution Center—America’s most interactive history museum. Located just two blocks from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, it is the only museum devoted to the U.S. Constitution and the story of we, the people.

Terry Gross, NPR

Annual Luncheon
Friday, November 12, 12:15pm–2:00pm

2011 Annual Conference - Philadelphia

As the host of Fresh Air, NPR’s weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, Terry Gross’s interviews are heard by more than four and a half million people on nearly 500 public radio stations. Her guests have included many of the most celebrated artists, writers, actors, and musicians of our time, such as Philip Roth, James Brown, John Travolta, Sonny Rollins, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Gross is known for her thoughtful, probing interview style.

In her trusted company, even the most reticent guest relaxes and reflects on his or her life and work. But Gross doesn’t shy away from controversy or asking challenging questions. That’s why Bill O’Reilly terminated his interview with her. Her interview with Gene Simmons of Kiss inspired Entertainment Weekly to name Simmons "Crackpot of the Year—Male." In her speaking engagements, Terry Gross plays sound bites from interviews that went especially well and especially badly, to illustrate her discussion of interviewing techniques. Then she does something else that she never does on her program—she talks about her own life and career, giving the audience a chance to interview her.

Terry Gross began hosting and producing Fresh Air in 1975, when it was a local program broadcast by WHYY in Philadelphia. NPR has distributed the daily program since 1987, and it is now NPR’s most listened-to program, after Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Terry Gross’s book All I Did Was Ask: Conversations with Writers, Actors, Musicians and Artists was published by Hyperion in 2004. In 1994, Fresh Air received a Peabody Award, which cited Gross for her “probing questions and unusual insights.” In 1999, America Women in Radio and Television gave Gross a Gracie Award in the category National Network Radio Personality. In 2003, Gross received the Edward R. Murrow Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, for advancing the "growth, quality and positive image of radio." Her other awards include the National Book Foundation’s 2007 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community.

Photo By: Will Ryan

Ray S. Leki, American University

Academic Consortium Breakfast Plenary
Saturday, November 13, 8:30am–10:00am

2011 Annual Conference - Philadelphia

Ray Leki is Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Management at American University, and the author of Travel Wise: How to Be Safe, Savvy and Secure Abroad. Leki teaches a range of graduate courses and institutes through American University’s School of International Service, Intercultural Management Institute. They include intercultural facilitation and training, multicultural negotiation, personal and organizational security, and spirituality and conflict transformation. His recent book, Travel Wise (Intercultural Press/Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2008) is based on his thoughts, experiences, and techniques in preparing sojourners for international success through integrating cross-cultural competence, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and security awareness with careful identification and analysis of motives and motivation.

He is also a career member of the Senior Executive Service of the United States government at the Department of State, Foreign Service Institute. His work in government began as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal in 1979, and continued with a series of Peace Corps staff assignments in Washington, Nepal, Pakistan, and Poland, before joining the Department of State in 1991. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Intercultural Researchers, and is on the advisory boards of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (DC), the Intercultural Management Institute, the Foreign Service Youth Foundation, and the International Association of Protocol Consultants. Current interests include leadership and crisis management across cultures, and crisis aftermath psychology.

Schedule & Presentations +

Wednesday, November 10

Conference Registration and Internet Café
One-Day Faculty Development Seminar The Amish Farm: A Reflection of Traditional Values and Modern Choices Lancaster County, PA
(pre-registration required)
Rainbow SIG Meeting
Opening Plenary
Featured Speaker: Richard Beeman
Opening Plenary
Opening Reception

Thursday, November 11

Conference Registration
Whole World Committee Meeting (open to all)
Information Hall and Internet Café
Concurrent Sessions

Preparing Millennials for Independence Abroad through Pre-departure and On-site Training (192KB, PDF)
Gen X Life Lessons for the Millennial Abroad (101KB, PDF)
Provider Role in Predeparture and Onsite Orientation (254KB, PDF)
Chair: Carolyn Sorkin, Wesleyan University

The Problem of "Quality" in Education Abroad (403KB, PDF)
The Question of Quality(37.2KB, PDF)
Chair: David Rudd, Arcadia University

Beyond their Own Borders: The Development and Branding of Academic Cities (1.25MB, PDF)
Chair: Daniel Schuval, MASA Israel Journey

Study Abroad Sustenance and Growth and the Decline of Liberal Arts Education in America
Chair: Joan Elias Gore, University of Virginia and FIE: Foundation for International Education
Coffee Break
Concurrent Sessions

Does Education Abroad Enhance Creativity?(4.15MB, PDF)
Presenter Notes(99.5KB, PDF)
Chair: Randy Ploog, The Pennsylvania State University

Study Abroad’s Academic Promise: The Role of the Sending Institution (886KB, PDF)
Chair: Elizabeth Brewer, Beloit College

Supporting LGBTQ Students Going Abroad: What is Our Role? (1.10MB, PDF)
Chair: Karen McBride, The Education Abroad Network

Enhancing the Education of Abroad Experiences through Digital Storytelling
Chair: Patricia Martin, Swarthmore College
Open Forum for Education Abroad Office Directors and Managers
Moderator: Brian Harley, Purdue University
Networking No-Host Lunch: Working Mothers in International Education
Moderators: Laurie Black, SIT and Janet Alperstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Concurrent Sessions

Training and Evaluating Faculty in Education Abroad Program Sites: The Challenge of Achieving Excellence (159KB, PDF)
Chair: Melissa Hardin, Ursinus College

Aiming for Quality Study Abroad Advising (401KB, PDF)
Chair: Amy Greeley, Arcadia University

Up in the Air and Across the Cobblestones: Accommodating Students with Disabilities Abroad (4.22MB, PDF) Chair: Olivia Hardin, National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange
Meet CIEE: Coffee and Conversation

Meet CIEE Resident DIrectors and Staff from around the world, and learn more about each program and culture.
Poster Fair

When the World is the Classroom: Adapting Classroom Assessment Techniques for Study Abroad
Laura Wolff, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Language in Motion: Articulating the Study Abroad Experience and Connecting Communities
Deborah Roney, Juniata College and Theresa Cann, Bryn Mawr College

Making Connections through the Pre-departure Process: A Communication Strategy
Jaci Czarnecki, New York University

Maximizing Student Outcomes in Short-term Programs: Molding Students’ Goals through Faculty and Administrative Partnerships
Marie Alice Arnold and Anastasia Kitsantas, George Mason University

Enriching International Study through Participation in the International Peace Movement
Rob and Bette Allekotte, United States Servas

Understanding the Relationship between Psychological Distress, Loneliness, and Quality of Students’ Functioning While Abroad
Holly A. Hunley, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

Maximizing Student Feedback with Technology and Incentive
Ahaji Schreffler, Drexel Study Abroad
Committee on Underrepresentation Meeting (open to all)
CIEE Conference Reception at the National Constitution Center
Join colleagues for an evening at America’s most interactive history museum.

Friday, November 12

Conference Registration
Information Hall and Internet Café
Coffee Break
Concurrent Sessions

Washington Update
Chair: Michael McCarry, Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange

Formulating Qualitative Assessment Questionnaires Appropriate to Study Abroad (346KB, PDF)
Chair: Lilli Engle, American University Center of Provence

Building Quality by Prioritizing the Needs and Expectations of Host Communities Chair: Lynda Nyce, Bluffton University

Creating and Encouraging Transparent Participant Perspective—Using Blogs, Social Networking, and other Media to Highlight the Real Experience (1.87MB, PDF)
Chair: Lauren Chaney, CIEE
Annual Luncheon
Featured Speaker: Terry Gross, NPR
Concurrent Sessions

To Intervene or Not To Intervene: Student Learning and Development Abroad (3.76MB, PDF) Chair: Michael Vande Berg, CIEE

Orientation Upgrade: Harnessing Technology to Enhance Student Readiness for Study Abroad(1.23MB, PDF
Chair: Katie Saur, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Addressing the "Study" in Study Abroad: Experience vs. Academic Performance (1.22MB, PDF)
Chair: Jen Nielsen, Australian Education International

Meeting U.S. Expectations for Study Abroad: The Non-U.S. University Perspective
Chair: Megan Brenn-White, Hessen Universities Consortium
Concurrent Sessions

Using the Forum’s Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad to Ensure Quality: A Roundtable Session (1.30MB, PDF)
Chair: Brian Whalen, The Forum on Education Abroad

Beyond Service-Learning: Social Action and Solidarity as an Alternative Approach in Study Abroad (7.26MB, PDF)
Chair: Hector Cruz-Feliciano, CIEE Managua, Nicaragua

Focus on Returning Students: Expanding the Long-term Effectiveness of Study Abroad Programs (1.34MB, PDF)
Co-Chairs and Presenters: Frank Serna, Point Loma Nazarene University; Nora Dock, St. Edwards University

Saturday, November 13

Conference Registration
Information Hall and Internet Café
Breakfast Plenary
Featured Speaker: Ray Leki; American University Sponsored by the CIEE Academic Consortium
Concurrent Sessions

Engaging International Alumni in Study Abroad and other Strategic Directions (2.25MB, PDF)
Chair: Dawn Pysarchik, Michigan State University

Good for the Student, Good for the Institution, Good for Study Abroad: Integrating the Gap Year into the College Experience (1.47MB, PDF)
Chair: Patti Brown, Franklin & Marshall College
Concurrent Sessions

Ethics in Education Abroad: How to Develop Workable International Processes (114KB, PDF)
Chair: Karen McBride, The Education Abroad Network

Long-term Study Abroad and its Contribution to Language and Cultural Learning (204KB, PDF)
Chair: Susan Sharp, Institute of International Education

Examining Issues of Quality in Study Abroad via Academic Partnerships (825MB, PDF)
Chair: Jennifer Creamer, University of Pittsburgh

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