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Redefining Student Learning Abroad: new directions and opportunities

A shift is taking place in study abroad—a shift from the traditional paradigm focused on teachers and content to a new paradigm focused on process and learning outcomes, on student-centered teaching, and on assessment of learning. Over the past decade, an exploration of theory and practice has been taking place on U.S. campuses, and transforming student learning through education abroad has become a priority. Everyone engaged in international education—study abroad staff, university administration, providers, and faculty—is in the process of redefining teaching and learning, at home and overseas.

2011 Annual Conference - New Orleans

While many study abroad professionals understand a shift is taking place, many questions exist on how best to advise students, redesign courses, and market programs. At the same time, resources have diminished and study abroad offices are trying to do more with less. As a result, addressing this shift has become even more challenging. The 2011 CIEE conference will address ways your office and your institution can better understand the shift and the opportunities it offers to you and your students. We will explore partnerships with other institutions, consortia, and providers, and together we will redefine this new reality while embracing a collaborative, outcomes-based approach to study abroad.

  • Universities are making tough choices and cutting resources—how can we make student learning abroad a priority?

  • How can providers help lead the way—in terms of researching/assessing student learning, and designing courses and programs?

  • How can we encourage students to participate in the process, approaching their time abroad with clear goals?

  • Working with faculty on the home campus—defining goals and learning outcomes for study abroad in relation to the home institution curriculum and major

Speakers +

Lolis Eric Elie

Opening Plenary Session and Reception
Wednesday, November 16, 6:00pm–8:30pm

2011 Annual Conference - New Orleans

Lolis Eric Elie is a New Orleans-based writer and filmmaker. Most recently, he joined the staff of the HBO series Tremé. Working with the award-winning director Dawn Logsdon, he co-produced and wrote the PBS documentary, Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans. His essay, "America’s Greatest Hits," is included in Best African American Essays: 2009.

From 1995 to 2009, he wrote a thrice-weekly column for the New Orleans’ Times-Picayune. He is a recognized expert on New Orleans food and culture, a contributing writer to The Oxford American, and his work has appeared in Gourmet, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Downbeat and The San Francisco Chronicle among other publications.

A former commentator for CBS News Sunday Morning, he has also appeared often on National Public Radio programs. He has an M.A. from the Columbia School of Journalism in New York and an MFA from the University of Virginia.

To purchase Lolis’ DVD, please visit www.tremedoc.com.

Annual Conference Reception at Mardi Gras World
Thursday, November 17, 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Sponsored by Terra Dotta, LLC

Dr. Michael White

Annual Luncheon
Friday, November 18, 12:15pm – 2:00pm

2011 Annual Conference - New Orleans

Dr. Michael White is a leading figure in traditional New Orleans jazz and one of only a few to creatively carry on the rich clarinet sound and style of that city. He is a descendant of several first-generation jazz musicians and began his jazz career playing in local brass bands for social club parades and jazz funerals.

Today, White has an active career as one of the most respected and visible of New Orleans musicians. He has performed all over the world in many major jazz festivals and concert venues and has played on over 40 recordings with legends such as Wynton Marsalis, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, and Marianne Faithful. He also has ten recordings under his own name.

White received his Ph.D. in Spanish from Tulane University and currently teaches African American Music at Xavier University. White has also distinguished himself as a jazz historian, writer, producer, and composer. He is frequently interviewed and profiled on international radio, television, and for documentary films, books, essays, and major publications.

The history, sound, and meaning of traditional New Orleans Jazz—the original form of America’s greatest artistic contribution will be discussed by Dr. White. Important figures, song types, musical makeup, social significance, and the international cultural implications will also be presented in a manner that is both educational and entertaining.

To purchase Michael White’s music, please visit www.basinstreetrecords.com/artists/dr-michael-white.

Michael McCarry

Breakfast Plenary Session
Saturday, November 19, 8:30am–10:00am

Sponsored by the CIEE Academic Consortium

2011 Annual Conference - New Orleans

Michael McCarry has led the Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange as its Executive Director since October 1994. Prior to joining the Alliance, he spent 18 years with the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) as a Foreign Service Officer. He served as U.S. Cultural Attaché in Beijing in the years immediately following the Tiananmen Square events of 1989, and led negotiations, which resulted in the restoration of the Fulbright program after its suspension by the Chinese government. He also served as director of USIS Chiang Mai, Thailand, and as Assistant Cultural Attaché in Bangkok. He speaks Chinese and Thai.

Michael’s domestic assignments with USIA include staff director/special assistant in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, chief of Advising and Student Services, policy officer for East Asia, Voice of America branch chief for Southeast Asia, and desk officer for Southern Africa. Michael received an M.A. from the University of Texas (Austin), a B.A. from Notre Dame, and spent a year at Melbourne University in Australia.

Mr. McCarry will explore the current Washington policy climate for exchange programs, international education, and public diplomacy. He'll review and analyze the FY2012 appropriations process and its impact on our field, and assess prospects as we move into the 2012 Presidential campaign. As always, there will be ample time for questions.

Michael McCarry included a video from Hilary Clinton International Education Week in his presentation. To view this video in full, please click here.

Carrie Kortegast

Carrie Kortegast, the 2010-2011 Ping Fellow and doctoral student at Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE), Educational Leadership and Policies Studies, Iowa State University, will also speak at this year’s Breakfast Plenary Session. Ms. Kortegast will present on her dissertation, A Visual Ethnography of Social Learning During a Short-Term Study Abroad Program, which explores how students engage in social experiences during short-term student abroad programs and examines how these social experiences lead to desired learning outcomes and inform student participation. Ms. Kortegast is Assistant Professor of the Practice in Higher Education Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations Peabody College, Vanderbilt University.

Ping Doctoral Research Fellowships provide support for doctoral research focused on U.S. undergraduate study abroad. Funded through a small endowment, the Doctoral Research Fellowships are named after Dr. Charles Ping, a gifted teacher and scholar, a tireless advocate for the internationalization of U.S. higher education, President Emeritus of Ohio University, and a long-time former Chairman of the CIEE Board of Directors.

Schedule & Presentations +

Wednesday, November 16

Service Project
Experience New Orleans through Service
CIEE International Faculty Seminar:
A New View of Cajun Culture
Pre-Conference Workshop I
Developing as a US-Based Education Abroad Professional (2.69MB, PDF)
Pre-Conference Workshop II
Developmental, Experiential, and Holistic Training: The Multiple Dimensions of Intercultural Experience
Rainbow SIG Meeting
Opening Plenary
Featured Speaker: Lolis Eric Elie
Opening Reception
Documentary Screening:
Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans

Thursday, November 17

Whole World Committee Meeting (open to all)
Information Hall and Internet Café
Coffee Break
Concurrent Sessions

Mind the Gap: Challenging and Supporting Students to Reach Their Study Abroad Goals within the Reality of their International Experience (4.59MB, PDF)
Chair: Emelee Volden, University of Minnesota

Study Abroad Upon Arrival: Innovative Collaborations for Delivering Customized First-year Programs Abroad (928KB, PDF)
Chair: J.Scott Van Der Meid, Brandeis University
Can You Hear Me Now?: Reaching Today’s Students
Chair: Mandy Reinig, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Cuba Study Abroad: New Opportunities, Responsibilities, and Challenges
Chair: Jose Alvarez, SIT Study Abroad
Open Forum for Education Abroad Directors and Managers
Moderator: Timothy Lynn Elliott, Brigham Young University
Concurrent Sessions

The Parent Trap: How to Support Students of Highly Involved Parents from Philosophy to Practicality
Chair: Jessa Boche, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Beyond "It was awesome!": Enriching the Student Experience After Re-entry
Chair: Zoé Jouannelle, Australian Trade Commission
Master Pack (105KB, PDF)
Fall Abroad Community (1.22MB, PDF)
Career Workshop (100KB, PDF)
Enriching the Student Experience (2.49MB, PDF)
Sample Interview Questions (104KB, PDF)
Sample Resume (217KB, PDF)
Skills Survey (54.6KB, PDF)

Creating and Maintaining a Robust Approved-Programs List
Chair: Priscilla Stone, Washington University in St. Louis
Presentation 1 (656KB, PDF)
Presentation 2 (138KB, PDF)

Social Justice and Education Abroad (1.19MB, PDF)
Chair: Joseph Brockington, Kalamazoo College
Concurrent Sessions

The Heart of Study Abroad
Chair: Anders Uhrskov, Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Volunteers, Voluntourists, and the Paradoxes of Student Service Abroad
Chair: Jane Edwards, Yale University

Institutional Mission, Curriculum, and Education Abroad: Aligning Education Abroad Programs to Institutional Purpose and Student Learning Goals
Chair: Margaret Heisel, Center for Capacity Building in Study Abroad

Programs Designed with All in Mind: Accommodating Students with and without Disabilities Abroad
Chair: Michele Scheib, Mobility USA
Meet CIEE: Coffee and Conversation
Meet CIEE Resident Directors and Staff from around the world, and learn more about each program and culture.
Poster Fair
Engage in a stimulating exchange about relevant study abroad topics with poster presentations from your colleagues.

Bi-focals: Assessing Cognitive Challenges and Supports for Study Abroad
Susan Burton, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Enhance Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Chinese Language Instruction
Xiu Zhang, Defense Language Institute

Enhanced Learning Abroad and at Home upon Return: Linguistic and Cultural Understanding for Global Competence
Carlos Parra, Adrienne Royo, Pierre Nzokizwanimana, Southern Adventist University

Integrating Study Abroad and Career Development: Redefining Professional Outcomes in Student-Centered Terms
Paige Sindt, Scott Blair, CEA Global Education

Intercultural Competence and Language Proficiency Achievement
Ling Robben, Defense Language Institute

Strategies and Assessment of Student Intercultural Awareness: How On-site Community-Based Learning Keep Study Abroad Students Off the Veranda

Cheri Doane, Central College, Iowa

Using Technology to Engage Students Abroad (450KB, PDF)
Erin Polnaszek, Jessa Boche, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Committee on Underrepresentation Meeting (open to all)
CIEE Conference Reception at Mardi Gras World
Join colleagues for an evening at Mardi Gras World, the world’s largest float and prop maker–where you will go behind the scenes to learn about the business of float making, meet the artists, and see a new side of Mardi Gras.

Friday, November 18

Information Hall and Internet Café
Good Practices in Health and Safety Update (open to all) 2012 will mark the 15 year anniversary of the seminal education abroad document, "Responsible Study Abroad: Good Practices for Health & Safety", last revised in 2002. Join a discussion, sponsored by the Interassociational Task Force on Safety and Responsibility in Study Abroad, on how the document is currently used in the education abroad field, and contribute suggestions on how to update the document for a new edition.
Concurrent Sessions

Student Learning Abroad: At Whose Expense and/or Benefit? (1.14MB, PDF)
Chair: Ann Lutterman-Aguilar, Center for Global Education at Augsburg College

Experiential Education Abroad: Study and Engagement
Chair: William Hyndman, Northeastern University

Overseas Staff Visits: Measuring and Ensuring the Value (1.64MB, PDF)
Chair: Leslie Harlson, DAAD

Study Abroad in the Health Professions (3.40MB, PDF)
Chair: William Stroube, University of Evansville
Coffee Break
Concurrent Sessions

Deepening the Impact and Assessment of Short-stay Study Abroad
Chair: Jodi Malmgren, University of Minnesota

Aftershocks, Aftermath, and Afterthoughts: Academic and Experiential Opportunities following Natural Disasters (515MB, PDF)
Chair: Max Savishinsky, CIEE

International Programs for Graduate Students: Examining University and Program Rules, Goals, and Needs (437KB, PDF)
Chair: Diane Penneys Edelman, Villanova University

Time Well Spent: Preparing Diverse Students for Learning Abroad (666MB, PDF)
Chair: Jennifer Creamer, University of Pittsburgh
Annual Luncheon
Featured Speaker: Dr. Michael White
Concurrent Sessions

Read This Now! Getting and Keeping Student’s Attention throughout the Pre-departure Process (1.02MB, PDF)
Chair: Jessica Lindoerfer SIT, Study Abroad

Code Red: Are You Prepared? Crisis Management Planning and Crisis Response Training for Students Chair: Laura Angelone, International SOS

Study Abroad and the Curriculum: Bridging the Here and There (2.02MB, PDF)
Chair: Elizabeth Brewer, Beloit College
Concurrent Sessions

Communicating a Crisis: How to Manage Multiple Lines of Communications During an Emergency Situation
Chair: Mark Beirn, Washington University in St. Louis

Learning by Doing: What I Wish I had Known When Leading my First International Service-Learning Course
Chair: Alan Bartley, Transylvania University

Collaborations to Engage Minority Students in Education Abroad (4.94MB, PDF)
Chair: Nicholas Bassey, Institute for International Public Policy

It Takes a Campus
Chair: Patricia Martin, Swarthmore College

Saturday, November 19

Information Hall and Internet Caf´
Breakfast Plenary (735KB, PDF)
Featured Speakers: Michael McCarry, Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange and Carrie Kortegast, Vanderbilt University and 2010-11 Ping Fellow Sponsored by the CIEE Academic Consortium
Concurrent Sessions

Re-framing Student Accommodation in Education Abroad: Reporting on a Cross-national Study of Learning Outcomes (1.83MB, PDF)
Chair: Anthony Ogden, University of Kentucky

New Directions in Undergraduate Research
Chair: Karen Mead, University of California

Best Practices for Working with Faculty who Lead Education Abroad Programs
Chair: Steven Duke, Wake Forest University

Expanding Internationalization: A Look Inside Living/Learning Communities (2.76MB, PDF)
Chair: Michael Girsch, Arizona State University
Concurrent Sessions

Creating Synergy in International Education through a Statewide Consortium: The Case of Utah
Chair: Danny Damron, Utah Valley University

Beyond the Ivory Tower: Bringing Global Education to the Local Community
Chair: Evelyn Hamilton, Urban League College Track

Global Engagement in Science and Engineering: Effective Models for International Research Experiences
Chair: Cheryl Matherly, University of Tulsa

Internships and Service-Learning: Oh My! Redefining Processes for Non-traditional Educational Experiences Abroad - Addendum (1.59MB, PDF)
Chair: Katie Saur, Indiana University

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