The World Leader in International Education

For 65 years, CIEE has been the world leader in producing high-quality international exchange programs. A full-service, global international educational exchange organization, we help to set—and raise—the standards of international education.

Ciee Headquarters - Portland, Maine

Providing truly immersive experiences, CIEE international exchange programs transform the lives of the intrepid students, professionals, and educators who undertake and coordinate them. The programs work to broaden perspectives, inform worldviews, increase understanding of different cultures, and generate dialogue and excitement surrounding international exchange.

With a comprehensive range of offerings, CIEE has programs to help anyone gain the understanding, knowledge, and skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

Study Abroad

A unique combination of coursework, excursions, homestays, internships, and cultural activities offers U.S. college students access to rigorous, relevant, high-quality programs—spanning more academic disciplines than any other international education organization—to help them become global citizens.

Custom and Faculty-Led

With a network of 58 study centers in more than 40 countries around the globe, resident staff who are experts in their fields, and more than 200 established programs, we have the resources, expertise, and infrastructure to help you create programs that meet the unique and rapidly changing needs of your institution.

International Faculty Development Seminars (IFDS)

Anchored in the well-established resources at CIEE study centers worldwide, IFDS enables faculty to revisit familiar concepts and encounter new academic theories and perspectives needed to invigorate existing curricula and create cutting-edge courses that bring international education directly to the student.

High School Abroad/Gap Year Abroad

Offering the infrastructure, training, resources, and support necessary to be immersed in a different culture in ways that were previously unimaginable, enabling current U.S. high school students and recent graduates to shape their experience abroad to what they want it to be.

Teach Abroad

With expert advisors to help you plan your journey, unparalled support—from contract negotiation to insurance to visa assistance or procurement—and opportunities available in seven countries around the world, college graduates gain real-world experience and immerse themselves in a foreign community while getting paid to teach English to local students.


CIEE launched online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses this past September. In keeping with our mission to help people thrive in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world, CIEE TEFL courses prepare new teachers to enter classrooms with knowledge of TEFL theories and pedagogical practices, plus keen cultural awareness. Speak to the CIEE TEFL team during our conference and enter to win a free 150-hour TEFL certification course.

Work & Travel USA

Unparalleled support services, close relationships with employers, and expertise in State Department regulations are just some of the reasons why international students from more countries around the world choose CIEE to arrange immersive cultural exchange and seasonal employment opportunities that allow them to explore the diverse people and places that make up the U.S.

USA High School/USA High School Plus

Our extensive network of passionate volunteers connects international exchange students with carefully matched host families who welcome them into their communities throughout the U.S., providing a supportive environment for high school students to discover what makes America unique.

Internship USA

Creating the international business leaders of tomorrow, our professional internships and career training opportunities offer international college students and graduates the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience while being immersed fully in American culture.


The CIEE iNext card provides travel insurance coverage—accident, sickness, hospital, transport, security evacuation, repatriation, baggage, and document - fulfilled through a partnership with Travel Guard®, the world's leading travel insurer. CIEE provides the iNext card free of charge to its educational program participants and is pleased to be able to offer the iNext Travel Card for purchase by other U.S. students and youth with plans to travel abroad.

CIEE Alumni

CIEE alumni don’t just experience the world; they engage in and embrace it. They're exposed to new places, ideas, and people. And they’re challenged to question their perceptions and investigate the similarities and differences between cultures. CIEE alumni return from their journeys as globally-connected leaders with the power to share the international presence on campus and influence others to have their own experiences abroad—spreading the word about international education as on-campus Alumni Ambassadors and working to improve the very program they participated in as Alumni Interns.