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CIEE Applicant Interview Service

The CIEE Applicant Interview (CAI) allows admission offices to confirm valuable information about their international applicants. We’re conducting face-to-face interviews of applicants and providing schools with evaluative reports & interview videos at no cost to the school. Through leveraging our team of experts abroad, we’re providing admission offices an extension of their staffs in order to get the most accurate and useful information about applicants through interviews, writing samples, and comprehensive evaluations.

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The CAI allows your school to...

  • Confirm communication ability
  • Authenticate writing ability
  • Verify applicant identity
  • Obtain easy-to-read, reliable assessments
  • Accommodate interview requests
  • Identify serious applicants
  • Save time in the review process

CIEE is a nonprofit international education organization with more than 65 years of successful cooperation among schools in the USA and abroad. With presence in more than 40 countries and over 15 interview locations throughout China, Taiwan, and South Korea, CIEE is the most suitable and reliable partner for international applicant screening.

Backed by years of research, comprehensive audits by the CIEE academic team, and an external advisory committee, CIEE has developed an interview and assessment protocol that is fair, consistent, and relevant to your admissions process.

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Clark “It is an invaluable tool in maintaining the selectivity of our Chinese enrollment.” – Tristan Deveney, Clark University
Fordham “Having the CAI results has given us a new element to consider in our application review and has definitely helped us to distinguish strong candidates from our large Chinese applicant pool.” – Monica Esser, Fordham University